No matter what kind of filter media you use, carbon, GFO, or biopellets, the Lifegard Aquatics Turbo Sideflow Media Reactors will get the job done. Not only that, the unique side-flow plumbing design allows you to submerge the entire reactor down into your sump without clumsy lengths of flexible tubing helping to reduce the clutter. 

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There are four different models available for tanks all the way up to 850 gallons! Every reactor is made from acrylic and comes completely assembled with a properly sized LifeGard Quietone Pump. The pumps are located at the bottom of the reactor and push water directly through the media. This means you get the best possible pressure out of the pump making them fully capable of tumbling biopellets without having to oversize your pump.

All four models work exactly the same with an adjustable outflow dial at the top of the side-flow pipe. Here you can increase back pressure on the pump and slow things down based on the exact type of media you are using. Maintenance is easy, just remove the entire reactor from your sump to clean and refill the media. The lid is held in place with four thumbscrews which give you access directly to the media chamber for a refill.  The entire reactor is submersible so you can rinse the entire assembly in your sink or with the garden hose without taking anything apart. You won't have to worry about flexible tubing or deal with any plumbing on your sump since the pump and sideflow pipes are directly attached.