All-For-Reef is an all-in-one solution for reef aquariums that supplements calcium, alkalinity, and trace elements in a single solution. Some might even call it the Holy Grail of reef tank additives because we have long been after a successful AIO solution for our reef tanks and AFR has a proven track record not only here at BRS but with reef tank owners across the globe. 

Classically, the liquid version was cost-prohibitive for larger tanks. Even though it's only a single additive, it was still difficult to justify the cost because of the amount of solution required to maintain a larger high-demand reef tank.  Enter the All-For-Reef powder version which saves you money and allows larger tank owners to take advantage of only having to dose a single solution for complete reef tank water chemistry.  

Tropic Marin AFR Cost Analysis

All-For-Reef powder uses the exact same formulation as its liquid predecessor only it is shipped dry meaning you are not paying to ship water weight. Even when compared to the BRS DIY All-For-Reef, you are still looking at savings of up to 42% when purchased in the most economical sizes.  

How To Mix All-For-Reef Powder

  1. Fill a clean mixing container with 1 liter of RO/DI water. *Pro Tip: Moderately warm water helps dissolve the powder faster.
  2. Measure 6 level measuring spoons (160 grams) of All-For-Reef powder.
  3. Slowly dissolve the AFR powder into 1 liter of RO/DI water.  Mix one spoonful at a time, stirring constantly. A magnetic stirrer comes in really handy for this process.
  4. Keep stirring until the solution is clear indicating the AFR powder is completely dissolved. This can take some time. 
  5. Once the solution is clear, it is ready for use and can be stored in a clean, water-tight plastic container such as a Bettix Bottle or Dosing container.

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Dosing Instructions

AFR is extremely easy to use because it is a single solution and a small dosing pump like the Kamoer XPro WiFi is a great option to automatically dose your tank for you.  The ratio of calcium and other elements consumed by your tank is always going to be tied to alkalinity consumption meaning all you need to do is test and maintain alkalinity levels and everything else will maintain along with it. AFR is a BALANCED all-in-one solution. 

Always ensure your calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels along with trace elements are balanced before beginning to dose AFR solution. A series of water changes can help balance out your parameters or check out BRS Bulk Pharma additives if you need to make large adjustments to any of the major elements.

Start by dosing 5mL of dissolved AFR solution per 26 US gallons (100 liters) of aquarium water daily. Test your alkalinity levels daily and increase the dosage in increments of 2.5 mL daily until the desired alkalinity level is maintained. We recommend maintaining alkalinity levels at 7-9 dKH. You can spot-check your calcium and minor/trace elements levels via water testing as well but so long as you maintain the correct alkalinity level in your display, all other elements will be balanced as well.