At first, we were skeptical too. Could the Aquarium Munster 5-n-1 test strips really provide accurate enough results for reef tank owners to monitor pH, dKH, Calcium, Nitrite, and Nitrate? The answer is YES if you're simply looking for a birds-eye view of your key parameters.

Testing your water parameters is an integral part of maintaining a healthy reef tank and should be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at a minimum. The testing process is probably one of the most daunting tasks for hobbyists because it takes a considerable amount of time to perform the tests correctly using modern testing equipment.

This is where test strips like the 5-n-1 dip test from Aquarium Munster really come in handy. If you find yourself short on time or neglecting weekly testing, a test strip is a perfect solution to provide you with a snapshot of your tank's parameters. You can then use these results to determine whether or not a more precise test is needed.  

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While you won't get the same precision you get with your typical liquid titration tests or colorimeters, you will get an accurate enough result to identify any developing trends and the tests only take 1 second to perform!  

5-n-1 Test Strip Parameters

  • Alkalinity: range of 0 - 20 dKH in 3 dKH increments
  • Calcium: range of 0 - 500 ppm in 100 ppm increments
  • pH: range of 7.4 to 8.8 in 0.2 degree increments
  • Nitrate: range of 0 to 40 ppm in 4 stages
  • Nitrite: range of 0 to 10 ppm in 5 stages

How To Use Aquarium Munster Test Strips

  1. Fill a small, clean container with aquarium water. The container should measure no less than 4.5" tall. 
  2. Dip one test strip into the container of aquarium water, wait 1 second for the colors to develop and remove from the container of water.
  3. Compare the results with the chart printed on the storage container. The closest match to the color on your test strips corresponds to a test result.

Each test strip is disposable and designed for single use. Avoid dipping your test strip directly into your tank. Keep the storage container tightly sealed to avoid moisture contamination which can ruin the test strips. We do not recommend using Aquarium Munster 5-n-1 Test Strips as your only source of water testing and never make adjustments to your water chemistry without getting more accurate test results. The accuracy of your results is based on your ability to match the color of your test results with a printed chart.