The Kessil AP9X...Your Rectangular Reef Tank's Dream Come True For A Properly Sized LED Light!

Futuristic may be the perfect word for Kessel's AP9X LED light. As Thomas said, the "hoverboard" like fixture has clean lines and smooth curves that deliver a unique aesthetic above your reef tank. Good looks, however, are not the only thing this light has going for it. It most certainly boasts brain AND brawn by integrating wifi app control, carefully designed optics, and Kessil's optimized spectrum control.

Kessil AP9X over the BRS160 aquarium

The AP9X was designed to be an optimal lighting solution for your classic rectangle-shaped tanks up to 48" in length. The unique elliptical optics shape the light spread in such a way that you can achieve an even spread of light without hotspots over these traditional long tanks. Everything from a 40 breeder up through your classic 90 gallon, a single AP9X will provide a more even spread compared to two similarly powered pendants.

Kessil AP9X spread and intensity diagram

When compared to their own A360X, you can see a significant difference in the shape of the optics which produces that long, even spread of light that is perfect over a classic rectangle-shaped glass box. Even with competing pendants of similar power, you would have to compensate for the overlapping output, further reducing the overall spread and performance.

In the way of shimmer and appearance, there really is no difference between the AP9X and their flagship A360X lights. It contains two of the same dense matrix X-series LED boards and uses a maximum of 185 watts, just like you would get with two A360Xs. You can expect that brilliant Kessil shimmer and the same Tuna Blue color spectrum that has proven time and time again to be quite successful for reef tank owners.

Kessil AP9X Wireless App Control

Kessil finally integrated the wireless app control which is a very welcome addition over their separate wifi dongle approach. This means the AP9X can be wirelessly controlled via the Kessil app from your phone or tablet right out of the box, with no extra hardware required.

Kessil AP9X Cable Connections

While Wifi is probably the easiest route for complete control, there are a myriad of other control options if Wifi is just not your cup of tea. The AP9X is fully compatible with their wired Spectral Controller and external aquarium controllers like your Neptune Systems Apex, Profilux or Hydros via the 0-10V port. For those of you who just like to keep things simple, you can also use a classic wall timer along with the onboard touch-sensitive spectrum controls.

Kessil AP9X Mounting Options

The AP9X Mounting Arm supports a single AP9X with a single arm from the side panel of your tank. The light attaches to the arm using a swivel joint that allows for up to 60° of vertical rotation and 180° of horizontal rotation. The AP9X is also compatible with the A-Series Mounting ARM but will require two arms instead of one and does not allow for any swivel or rotation.

In the way of suspension, you can hang it from the ceiling or attach it to your canopy. You want the Kessil LED Light Panel Hanging Kit for attaching to your ceiling as it includes long cables and robust connections. If your tank has a canopy you can just use the included canopy hardware and threaded hooks that come standard with the fixture.

Kessil AP9X PAR Values from BRStv Investigates Videos

If Kessil is the brand for you and your tank, you can learn more below with our in-depth BRStv Investages videos where Randy delivers a thorough PAR test and provides you with our BRS recommended mounting configuration and spectrum settings. Not only will you learn how to choose the particular Kessil model that will best suit your needs, but our mounting and spectrum suggestions will also help you set it up confidently for success.

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