One Checker To Rule Them All!

Hanna Instruments has pushed the envelope yet again with a groundbreaking multiparameter photometer specifically for reef aquariums. Taking their very popular scientific-grade IP67 meter design, they combined all seven of their most popular Checker Colorimeters to create the ultimate reef tank testing device. For the first time, hobbyists can effortlessly monitor these critical parameters using a single, waterproof device.

  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • Low Range Nitrate
  • High Range Nitrate
  • Ultra-Low Range Nitrite
  • Ultra-Low Range Phosphate

It's Simply Better

Electronic photometers help hobbyists to maintain better, more stable reef tanks by providing a level of consistency and accuracy that hobby-grade, analog test kits simply cannot provide. Their flagship Checkers changed the testing game for reef hobbyists around the globe.

The NEW Marine Master Photometer further improves upon the Hanna Checker legacy with an added data log, step-by-step on-screen instructions, and improved optical sensors. So you are not only able to test for 7 different parameters with a single device, you gain the advantages of having immediate access to historical test results and even less risk of discrepancies and human error during the testing process.

Easy To Use - The process itself is simple; pull a water sample, add reagent and push some buttons.  A large LCD screen will walk you through each step of the testing process and even provide you with warnings and directives should something go wrong. 

Accurate - Measures 7 of the most critical reef aquarium parameters with scientific-grade accuracy helping you maintain a more stable and healthy reef aquarium.

Reliable - Improved optics, a positive locking cuvette system, calibration check function, and advanced temperature compensation help to further eliminate the risk of testing errors and discrepancies.

Convenient - Data logging allows you to store up to 200 entries and reference ALL of your test results at any time.  You can organize results for up to 10 individual aquariums. Includes batteries and necessary reagents for up to 25 initial tests.

Waterproof - It will survive the rigors of working around your aquarium and comes in a rugged carrying case for safe and easy storage.

Replacement Reagents

Download Hanna Instruments HI97105 - Marine Master Photometer User Manual