Some corals are simply not easy to frag, specifically stony corals with a rigid skeleton that is not easily cut with precision. Furthermore, these corals are delicate and one bad cut could end the life of that particular frag. Gryphon Aquasaw coral bandsaw is a hobby-specific bandsaw, that is safe for use around saltwater and helps you cut your LPS, SPS, and other stony corals with precision and care.

While bone cutters and coral shears are great for snipping small branches or cleaning up frags, they can crack or break corals and require significant force to cut through larger diameter corals.  The Gryphon Aquasaw solves those problems and gives you complete control. You can carefully cut in between polyps on acans, lobos, and favias without risking fatal damage to the mother colony. You can cleanly cut SPS branches at any angle creating the perfect surface for gluing onto a plug. You can even cut encrusting corals from large chunks of reef rock with ease.

The Aquasaw will not only increase your frags' survival rates with cleaner cuts, but you will also help ensure the mother colonies recover quicker and not run the risk of any extra damage during the fragging process. For those of you who make and sell frags, you will cut your fragging time in half, spending less time focusing on making the cuts and more time nurturing the new frags. 

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The Aquasaw also works great for cleaning up new frags because you can quickly remove existing frag plugs where pests can hide away or lay their eggs. You won't have to struggle trying to pry off the coral adhesive and run the risk of damaging the frag in the process.  

What Makes The Aquasaw Special?

Gryphon makes two sizes, the Aquasaw Standard and Aquasaw Tall, with the main difference being the blade size where the tall can handle larger corals and rock pieces. They come completely assembled and all you have to do is install the diamond-coated blade.  The simple design makes them easy to use and maintain with a single on/off switch, no speed control, and a large fragging platform to work with.

An industry-leading, high-speed 40 RPM motor that runs quietly is located on the top of the saw, keeping it safely away from saltwater. The entire unit is CR - Corrosion Resistant with sealed bearings and plastic housing to withstand use around saltwater.

When care for properly, the Aquasaw will last through thousands of frags. Be sure to only use Gryphon brand blades and replace them when they are dull to prevent wear and tear on the motor and poor cuts. All the parts are replaceable too with a 1-year warranty on all the components excluding the blades and sponges. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Always wear eye protection and gloves when fragging
  • Hold frags firmly, keep your hands free of the blade at all times
  • Use saltwater in the reservoir when fragging, not RO/DI water
  • Never overfill the reservoir
  • Wet the sponge first and never let the blade run dry
  • Any standard household sponge can be cut to size and used in the saw
  • Empty the reservoir and rinse the parts in RO/DI water after you are finished fragging

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