As the name implies, the Eshopps DeskMate 3.8 gallon AIO aquarium is the perfect way to bring a tiny slice of the reef into your workplace, home office, or bedroom. The small aquarium fits nicely onto desks, cabinets, countertops, or shelves and is a complete package with filtration built right into the back of the tank so you won't have to fuss with bulky equipment.

In addition to being highly functional, the DeskMate looks great too with its neon orange accents, rounded corners, and rimless design. Paired with the included slim profile Eshopps Curve Lite LED and you get a very clean, contemporary-looking aquarium that will compliment the decor in your space. 


  • Dimensions - 11" x 12" x 10"
  • Display Tank Volume - 3.8 Gallons
  • AIO Chamber Volume - 1 Gallon
  • Total Water Voume - 4.8 Gallons
  • Acrylic Thickness - 6mm
  • Tank GPH - Up to 100 GPH

What's In The Box:

  • 1x 3.8g Mini Aquarium
  • 1x Adjustable Nozzle
  • 1x Circa 100 Return Pump
  • 1x Curve Lite LED
  • 1x Nano Filter Sock

DeskMate Tank Build

Simple and Affordable

If affordability is what you value most, look no further because DeskMate really is the complete package. The tank includes a built-in filtration system with a filter sock, the necessary pump, and an LED lighting system. In addition to rock, sand, and water you only need to purchase a 25-watt aquarium heater and maybe some extra filter media to get your tank started.

With the front display area measuring only 11" x 10" x 8.5", it doesn't take much to build and grow a thriving slive of the reef.  A few small rocks or one larger centerpiece style rock will complete the aquascape and you will only need 4-5 pounds of sand to achieve a suitable layer of sand. Add a few frags of coral and it won't be long before the corals fill out the scape and create the appearance of a flourishing ecosystem.

Check out the DeskMate AIO Bundle to get everything you need and eliminate the hassle of shopping around. 

Easy Maintenance & Filtration

The simple filtration is made up of two chambers. The first chamber has the filter sock holder and will house your heater and filter media.  The eShopps Nano Skimmer fits as well but probably isn't absolutely required so long as you don't overstock the aquarium and maintain a water exchange schedule. AIO filter media like Chemi-Pure or even just a bag of carbon is probably a good idea alongside swapping out the filter sock on a regular basis. 

Eshopps DeskMate filtration

The tank includes a sufficient return pump, tubing, and nozzle which slides down into the second return chamber. If you decide to install a small ATO (highly recommended) like the Reef Breeders Prism, place the sensor in this pump chamber just above the return pump.  

In small tanks, 50% weekly water changes are the best approach for stability sake so just set up a solid system for mixing up your own saltwater and stay on top of the water changes. Past that, be mindful of stocking levels and feeding habits to avoid running into trouble with elevated nutrients. Tiny tanks can be finicky because of the small water volume making it all that more important to stay on schedule.

Effective LED Lighting

The included LED light is sufficient for LPS and soft corals so just be sure to choose your corals accordingly. You will want to get a timer or wifi outlet to automate the function of the light once you add corals too. This will ensure the light turns on/off at the same time every day creating a natural photoperiod for the corals. 

Deskmate PAR Readings