Enriching your aquarium fish's diet with frozen food can be a great way to provide more balanced and varied nutrition but at the same time, it comes with some baggage.  Frozen food can be messy, wasteful, time-consuming, and even leave an unpleasant smell in its wake. The Eshopps EZ Feeder Magnetic Frozen Fish Feeder can help to eliminate some of that hassle and makes it easy for you to supply nutrient-rich, more natural foods to your pets.

EShopps EZ Feeder

The design is simple, an acrylic tube with some holes in it that attaches to the wall of your tank via a magnet. The strong magnet will adhere to tank walls up to 1/2" thick and allows you to position the feeder anywhere in the tank. The tight sealing lid means you can trap the food inside and slide the feeder down under the surface delivering food directly to bottom-dwelling fish. 

Drop your food into the top of the feeder which will then contain the food to a central location and slowly release the food below where fish will become accustomed to capturing it before it gets sucked into your filters. This eliminates the need to slowly spot feed or deliver the food in batches and reduces the necessary effort to effectively use frozen food. You don't have to take the time to defrost your food first either as it will safely defrost inside the feeder and disperse. You can even position the feeder in front of a powerhead or area of high flow to more effectively defrost and disperse the food.

The feeder also benefits those finicky or shy fish like dragonettes and gobies because you can slide it down to the bottom or close to their burrow. Fish will learn to expect food from the feeder and create a sort of "herd mentality" or "feeding frenzy" which benefits you in a few ways.  Not only will the food be consumed quickly, but it can also help train new fish or entice finicky fish to jump in the chow line.