The latest generation of Radion XR15 and XR30 LED Lights from EcoTech Marine consists of two models specifically tailed for reef tanks. The versatile PRO and easy-to-use Blue. What sets them apart is the array of LED diodes and available spectrums you can achieve.

Radion Specifications

While the PRO is certainly the most versatile when it comes to available spectrums, it does require the user to take a far more meticulous approach to tune the spectrum. The Blue, on the other hand, was made to be easy.  Simply run all channels at 100% output to produce the perfect AB+ Spectrum that has proven to be one of the best spectrums for growing corals with LED lights.  You won't have to fuss with color sliders, simply test your PAR, adjust the overall intensity based on PAR readings and your on your way to lighting success.

Radion LED Layout


Every Radion includes a set of four mounting bolts, most ideal for DIY mounting solutions. You also have the option of either their standard suspension kit for hanging the lights or using the popular RMS tank mount system for being attached directly to the walls of your tank.


EcoTech Marine has one of the most advanced control platforms for aquarium LED lights with Mobius. Mobius is their app-based control ecosystem that wirelessly connects to your Radion LED lights along with a variety of other EcoTech Marine products including the Versa and Vectra pumps. 

For the Radion Blue specifically, Mobius allows you to set the light schedule along with customizing the spectrum and output intensity. It comes with a variety of preset spectrums including the popular AB+ as well as effects and acclimation mode.

EcoTech Marine
  1. Multi-Light RMS Track
    EcoTech Marine
    Multi-Light RMS Track
    From: $48.51

  2. Radion XR15 G5 & G6 Diffuser Upgrade
    EcoTech Marine
    Radion XR15 G5 & G6 Diffuser Upgrade



Available separately, you can take advantage of the Radion Diffuser accessory based on your particular preference for appearance in the tank. The native Radion produces a classic, shimmery output of well-blended light, without any kind of color zones or disco effect. Water movement on the surface of the water creates that memorizing shimmer movement we have become accustomed to seeing with reef tank LED lights.

If you prefer something more along the lines of a T5 fixture with next to no shimmer effect, the Radion Diffusor is a great accessory for you.  The diffusers attach right onto the face of the Radions via magnets and will further blend the light, helping to eliminate shadowing and the shimmer effect. 

Is Radion Blue Right For you?

The answer is pretty simple when it comes to choosing between the Radion Pro and Radion Blue.  If you prefer a heavy blue look in your tank and are mainly concerned with the fluorescent look among your corals, the Blue is the easiest route. It simplifies the setup for achieving the most widely successful LED light spectrum, AB+.

The Pro fixtures will be more suited for those looking to achieve a customized spectrum that will accentuate the natural colors of the fish and corals, with less focus on fluorescence. The Pro gives you more versatile control over the spectrum and requires a more advanced tuning process for a successful setup.