Ep.1 - My dream reef tank. A full 360 degrees after 15yrs of setting up saltwater aquariums | BRS360

This is the #BRS360. A journey of taking everything we have learned about reefing over the last 15 years, taking that full circle and transforming those experiences into a 360 gallon reef tank.

We have already been through a number of different tank set ups that focused on setting up different types of tanks and ultimately expanding our knowledge and reefkeeping skills.

How to set up a saltwater tank
Clownfish Harem Tank
52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160
Ultra Low Maintenance
BRS/WWC Hybrid Method

BRS360 Tank Build Logo

With the new #BRS360 video series we bring all that we learned full circle and rather than being an abstract idea of a tank set-up in the office for educational purposes, this tank is Ryan’s own personal dream tank located inside his home.

The tank will be shared with friends, family, and the reefing community via BRStv on YouTube over the next decade or more. We expect this series to be engaging, educational and fun as we watch Ryan fulfill his personal passion for acquiring and sharing reef aquarium information with all of you and build his dream tank.

Ryan and family at a public aquarium

It is time

This series feels like the natural evolution of all of the tanks we have set up, the countless debates and discussions and ideas we have challenged through the years.

Ryan just moved into a new home to accommodate his growing family and wants to share his passion for challenging endeavors, and of course reefing, with his kids. Not only to inspire the next generation of reefers but also demonstrate the value in overcoming difficult challenges and being responsible when caring for pets or others that rely on you.

List of topics for BRS360 build

What to expect

By now, most of you understand what an RO/DI system is, you understand why carbon is helpful, you know that using a powerhead is crucial...for many of you this basic understanding of aquarium equipment and husbandry is firm inside your psyche.

Instead of covering the same aquarium concepts and products, this time we are going to focus on the real life challenges we will face while setting up this large and long-term reef tank inside Ryan’s home with the hopes of making it all that more relatable. Our goal is to help you overcome some of the simple yet often overlooked challenges in which the answer is not always black and white.

Jeremy, Ryan and Randy from BRStv Live Video

Our ambitions are high and we have scheduled a weekly video release and will cover a new topic each and every week. In addition, we are going to take it a step further by doing a follow up live stream within just a few hours of the weekly video in which we will dive deeper into that week’s topic with a raw and uncut discussion, answer your questions and best of all, invite knowledgeable guests to join the conversation and add another dimension to our point of view.

This all starts now and our first guest is Jeremy Howell of Brightwell Aquatics who will sit down and discuss the various aspects of living a full life that may be holding you back from building that dream reef tank.

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