The Maxspect Dice Nanoreef Aquarium is an exemplary representation of modern aquarium design. This 12-gallon cube-shaped tank is not just aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design, but also functionally advanced. Unlike many all-in-one aquariums, the Dice is unique in its use of a glass filtration panel, setting it apart from the common acrylic panels which are prone to scratching. In addition to the filtration system, you can choose from one of three different advanced lighting options based on the needs of your tank inhabitants - corals or plants. Combined with its budget-friendly price tag, the Dice is an attractive option for both newcomers and seasoned aquarists.

Diving into its features, the Dice measures 15.7" square and 14.25" tall. The construction is of high-quality glass, boasting beveled edges and a flawless silicone finish. The cube shape provides a spacious feel, giving ample room for creative aquascaping. With the tank, Maxspect ensures that users get a comprehensive setup, including a return pump, LED light, and various filtration components such as a filter sock, foam pad, and a platform. Additionally, elements like the phosphate mesh media bag and the nanotech biosphere media facilitate an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria. This is further supported by the nanotech clear cubes, designed specifically to combat excess organics and keep the water pristine.

The last, but certainly not the least, noteworthy feature is the optional lighting system. The DICE is available with or without lighting and you can choose the most appropriate LED light for your particular livestock. The light not only enhances the visual appeal but is also designed to promote coral or plant growth. For users who want ease and simplicity, the built-in timer and control options allow for customization of intensity, spectrum, and duration.

Available Lighting:

  • MJ-L165 65W JUMP LED Light - AB+ Blue Spectrum with SynaG app wireless control
  • MJ-L165 65W JUMP LED Light - Full Spectrum with SynaG app wireless control
  • MJ-L130 30W JUMP LED Light - Full Spectrum with inline controller


  • Size: 12-gallon capacity.
  • Dimensions: 15.75 inches in length and width, 14.25 inches in height.
  • Construction: Beveled edges, black silicone finish, glass filtration panel.
  • Lighting: Jump 130 LED light with various diodes and built-in control options.
  • Filtration: Glass panel, filter sock, coarse foam pad, phosphate mesh media bag, nanotech biosphere media, and clear cubes.
  • Extras: Return pump, leveling mat, and optional cabinet in black or white.
  • Maintenance: Glass panel allows for easier cleaning and scratch resistance compared to acrylic.
  • Design: Cube form for optimal space usage and aquascaping potential.
  • Price Point: Budget-friendly at around $300.