Which submersible return pump gets your vote? Best saltwater aquarium return pump of 2019!

Neptune Systems COR

Most Popular DC Pump, Best Control and Best in Show!

If you want the best return pump with the latest technology, look no further. Neptune Systems, makers of the APEX aquarium controller, took their tech experience and reef aquarium savvy to produce the best selling and most feature-rich DC pump to date. When used in conjunction with an Apex, the user gains access to state of the art control, monitoring and more safety features than any other pump on the market. Not an Apex user? Well, you should be but don’t worry, the COR-20 model is a standalone product and does not require an APEX.


Sicce Syncra Silent

Most Popular AC Pump

As voted by all of you, the Syncra Silent pumps from Sicce are the most popular pumps based on the number of units sold in 2019. This does not come as a surprise considering Sicce’s long-standing reputation for producing a high-quality pump that will withstand the abuse of harsh saltwater environments. Italian made, long-lasting, quiet, and reliable.


Lifegard Quiet One

Most Affordable AC Pump

If you're looking for the best-priced option to get the job done, Lifegard’s Quiet One is the ticket. Don’t let the cost fool you because these pumps are full of features including the trademarked ECO-SAV technology, internal or external installation, innovative cooling chambers and its namesake, ultra-quiet operation. The use of AC motors not only keeps the cost down but will also easily last longer than any DC pump. In fact, AC motors will often last longer than the tank they are powering!


Hydor Seltz D

Most Affordable DC Pump

This one was a close race with both the Hydor and Skimz brand pumps going neck and neck for the most economical DC pump designation. Based on the price alone, the Hydor Seltz D is the most affordable pump on our website with the Skimz Quietpro just a few dollars behind. In both cases, you get all of the benefits of DC pump motors including economical and quiet operation with minimal heat transfer and easy electronic flow controls with the best costs per GPH in the category.


Abyzz DC

Best Pressure Ratings

This one is unique considering the feature set and price point of the Abyzz DC line creates a pump class all of its own. Materials, craftsmanship, technology and a 10-year warranty put this pump on a pedestal and once you look at the pressure ratings, the difference becomes obvious. Compared to 99% of the DC pumps on the market, the Abyzz DC flow curve is significantly better giving users roughly two times the power at a given head pressure. So much so that this submersible DC pump rivals even the best external AC pumps that are designed specifically for high-pressure applications.


EcoTech Marine Vectra

Best Failsafes with Battery Backup

Makers of the all-time best powerhead, EcoTech Marine, released the Vectra DC return pump back in 2015 with a set of capabilities that hobbyists had never seen before in a return pump. Not just control, you get smart control and the only DC pump in our catalog with truly fail-safe operation! When paired with the EcoTech Marine Battery Back-Up system you can choose from multiple flow settings to help maximize the battery life and keep your filtration system from going stagnant during power outages.


Reef Octopus VarioS

Most Reliable and 2nd Most Popular DC Pump

After discussing with our Customer Service department, sifting through the customer reviews and taking into account the product sales data we are confident in our decision to name the Reef Octopus VarioS pumps as our Most Reliable Return Pump of 2019! Considering it was one of the first DC pumps on the market and grew to be the 2nd most popular DC pump around, you can trust the VarioS to withstand the rigors of reef aquariums and provide hassle-free performance.

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