Tamara Marshall: Scientific based tips and techniques for at home breeders. | MACNA 2019

Tamara currently serves as the Director of Live Feeds at the Dallas World Aquarium and delivers an inspiring lecture about breeding fish and aquaculture for the home aquarist.

Tamara Marshall

Tamara is an experienced aquarist not only with her dedicated marine research but also as a passionate hobbyist who cemented her reef cred with time spent working at a local fish store. She has extensive experience in the fields of coral propagation, live feeds and successfully bred demersal and pelagic spawning fish as well as invertebrates.

Her 2016 collaboration with the United States Geological Survey on breeding French Grunts enabled the USGS to expand its research on this species. Tamara attained her Aquaculture and Fish Health Graduate Certificate from the University of Florida in 2017 and has instructed over 70 classes and workshops for hobbyists covering a wide range of saltwater aquarium topics.

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