Best Aquariums of 2022


Whether you're just starting your first aquarium or looking to upgrade your reef, choosing the right aquarium is critical for your long-term success.  Not only will the tank likely be a part of your home decor but you also have to be confident the build quality and features will meet your expectations. 

Today more than ever, aquarium enthusiasts have access to an incredible variety of high-end aquariums that are built to provide you with the ultimate aquarium experience. From AIO aquariums to complete reef-ready tank packages, there really is an option for everyone. These tank brands stand out from the crowd by not only being the most popular with our customers but also providing the best value, features, and support.


Red Sea Reefer

Red Sea Reefer

The Red Sea Reefer Aquariums have become the tanks that all others are judged against in the reef aquarium community.  They look great with a very modern aesthetic, are built with excellent quality, and were designed specifically to meet the needs of modern reef tank owners.

The Reefer Series tanks are available in 9 different sizes with the Reefer 250 (54 gallons) and Reefer 425 (88 gallons) being the most popular sizes.

Each rimless style tank is paired with a contemporary cabinet stand and features a built-in internal overflow, glass sump, integrated ATO, and appropriate plumbing so you won't have to fuss with complicated assembly.  There is also a DELUXE option available that includes the popular Red Sea ReefLED lights so you can spend less time shopping and more time imagining your dream tank build!



Waterbox Aquariums

Waterbox Aquariums

Among the large selection of Waterbox Aquariums, the INFINIA, REEF, and FRAG series tanks are the very best solution for those looking to build a saltwater aquarium. These tanks boast clean silicone lines, ultra-clear Starphire glass, and a thoughtfully designed water filtration system making it hard to beat the quality for the price.  

Each tank comes complete with a cabinet stand, an all-glass internal overflow, curated sump, and easy-to-install plumbing that easily adapts to US standard PVC fittings for easy customization.

REEF - Rectangular aquariums from 72 to 167 gallons that offer the best value in the lineup based on quality, features, and price. 
INFINIA - Rectangular aquariums from 86 to 185 gallons with spacious dimensions and a corrosion-resistant all-aluminum cabinet stand. 
FRAG - Shallow rectangular aquariums from 54 to 118 gallons that are perfect for coral propagation or building a shallow lagoon-style aquascape.  



Innovative Marine NUVO Pro 2 Bundles

Innovative Marine NUVO  Pro 2 Bundles

These all-in-one style aquariums have been well established as the most popular AIO tank solution for saltwater hobbyists who wish to keep a more streamlined aquarium with filtration built right into the back of the tank.  The tanks are rimless, built with ultra-clear glass, and feature roomy filtration compartments for easy maintenance and upgrades. 

The NUVO aquariums are sold as a bundle that comes complete with a media basket, filter media, a controllable DC water pump, adjustable return nozzles, and water level risers.  The smaller tanks make great desktop aquariums while the larger tanks make the perfect platform for first-time tank owners or those who simply don't want to fuss with a costly and complicated sump.  



Reef Savvy Rimless Aquarium & Maple Cabinet Stand

Reef Savvy

When you have reached a point at which it's time to make that dream tank a reality, look no further than Reef Savvy. These luxurious aquariums are hand-built right here in the USA with the utmost attention to detail and careful craftsmanship.  

The Reef Savvy 180 tank package is the ONLY way to obtain a coveted Reef Savvy tank without having to go through the lengthy customization process. These tanks are not available for sale anywhere else and are made to order. 

The tank itself is constructed from 3/4" Diamant low-iron glass panels, a 1-3/8" multi-layered phantom bottom panel, and a smoked glass Phantom Overflow box. The armored silicone seams protect the joints from damage to produce one of the highest-quality aquariums money can buy.  It comes pre-drilled and ready for attachment to the sump filtration system of your choice. 

The complimentary handmade maple wood tank stand is also a work of art and crafted by Chris Benner who specializes in furniture-quality aquarium cabinets. The roomy interior has plenty of space for your filtration with three push-open doors that are thoughtfully installed to make for easy installation of your sump. The armored top lip is covered with HDP to protect the wood from the inevitable spillage of water and the top seams are sealed with Formica to prevent leakage into the tank stand.