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Why does BRS recommend this?

The LaMotte Alkalinity test is the only titration alkalinity test we have found that gives a color chart with a starting point color, end point, and a past end point color.  Most tests will show you the start and finish colors you should obtain.  There is often a question if the titration has gone too far, and to address this LaMotte has a supplied solution by showing a past end point color which leads to very consistent results.


The LaMotte Alkalinity test kit is a Lab-quality testing kit. LaMotte produces high quality test kits and is amongst the most trusted names in testing across any industry. Unique reagent tabs and contamination resistant liquid reagent result in easy to read, trustworthy results. The LaMotte Alkalinity test kit includes 50 tests.


LaMotte Alkalinity Kits use titrations with standard acid to the phenolphthalein (P) and/or total (T) alkalinity endpoint. Where hydroxyl (OH) alkalinity is determined directly, the sample is pretreated with barium to precipitate carbonates. All results are expressed as CaCO3.


Test reads in ppm. 50 ppm = 1meg/l , 17.85 = 1 DKH


LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit Contents:

Order CodeTest SystemRange/Sensitivity# of Tests
4491-DR WAT-DR

Total Alkalinity Direct Reading Titrator

0–200 ppm/4ppm as CaCO3

50 at 200 ppm (2)

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