This is our eighth episode of the Neptune Apex series, and we're going to quickly show you how to calibrate your pH probe. Step 1: Remove protective tip on probe. Don't worry if there's some white crust around the top, it's just a bit of salt creep from the storage solution. Step 2: Hit the center button on your AquaController to open the main menu, scroll down to set up, and then scroll down to pH. TIP: Be sure to tap the buttons, not mash them which will likely cause you to pass the options and mess up your calibration. Step 3: It will ask you to enter your low solution and press enter. We used 7, but you can change it. Step 4: Tear or cut off the corner of your calibration packet and insert the probe at an angle so the probe tip is completely submerged. TIP: At this point the display should say 'settling' with a number near it that begins to change. If it doesn't change, it's probably because you forgot to screw the BNC connector onto the Apex. Step 5: Once the number doesn't move for 10-20 seconds, push OK. Step 6: Select 10 for your high solution and shake the probe off. TIP: I like to wipe the outside of the probe off so the solution on the outside doesn't throw the next packet off. Step 7.Insert the probe and repeat the same steps as you did with the low pH. Once the number stops moving, hit OK and you're done. TIP: If you leave the probe in the solution, you can go to the home screen and it should say 10. You could also put it in the seven and do the same to be sure it's calibrated to both points (but keep in mind it may not be exactly seven, as you may have a bit of the ten solution in the seven) If you have any questions or calibrating tips for your fellow reefers checkout the comments area below! Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: