Bulk Reef Supply uses Mur-lok push connect fittings from G.A. Murdock, Inc. in our Reverse Osmosis/Deionization systems. Follow the instructions below, inspect at least annually and replace parts as needed to ensure a leak-free connection.

Make a Clean Tube Cut

Bulkreefsupply.com recommends using a tube cutter for a nice clean cut. Cut the tube squarely and ensure that the cut has not made the tube out of round and that the tube has a smooth outside diameter without any burrs or score marks prior to inserting it into the fitting.

Insert Tube into Fitting

Push the tubing through the collet and dual o-rings until it "bottoms out" against the tube stop.

Test and Inspect

Push and pull the tubing toward and away from the fitting to ensure that is has been installed properly. Test and inspect the installation for any leaks.

Tube Removal

Relieve pressure from the tubing and fitting. Push uniformly around the collect flange against the fitting body while pulling the tubing away from the fitting to release it.