Reverse osmosis booster pumps can easily increase the pressure going into your RO or RO/DI system if your household water pressure is too low. Below 50 PSI, your RO/DI system is not operating at its maximum potential and a booster pump will increase that pressure and optimize the performance of your RO/DI system. You can filter water faster and potentially reduce the rate of DI resin consumption.  

The Aquatic Life Smart Buddie is a unique booster pump in that it comes with clearly labeled connection ports for easy installation into existing RO/DI systems.  It also features an automatic flush valve that will rinse your membrane before each use as well as a pressure switch for use alongside a float valve.  There is no complicated plumbing or wiring necessary.  Just plug in the right water lines from your RO/DI system and the Smart Buddie will do the rest! 


  • The high & low pressure safety cutoff switch
  • Improved rejection and production rates
  • Built-in internal automatic flush valve
  • Built-in check valve
  • Buddie Fit press-fittings
  • Sealed pressure pump
  • Fast & Easy installation
  • Increase water pressure up to 90 PSI
  • Rated for systems up to 100GPD

The Smart Buddie is designed to work with most RO and RO/DI units with a total output between 50 and 100 gallons per day. The Smart Buddie booster pump is quiet, easy to install, and can significantly increase water output. Not only does the Smart Buddie increase pressure, but it has an integrated auto-flush valve and safety pressure switches, simplifying and automating your RO/DI production process.


  • Dimensions: 11.75"L x 5.88"W x 7.88"H
  • Quick Connect Port Sizes: 1/4"OD
  • Power Consumption: 21W @ 24VDC
  • Maximum System Output: 100 GPD (Total combined membrane output)*

*Note: Not for use with Water Saver Systems

Manufacturer Installation Instructions