When should you change your carbon? | How To Tuesday

April 15th, 2014
How do you identify if your carbon needs to be replaced? It's hard to notice the slow change in water color in the tank as the carbon is exhausted; here's an easy way to test it using two white buckets.

Step 1: Fill the first white bucket with freshly mixed saltwater.

Step 2: Fill the other bucket to the same level with water from your tank.

Step 3: Compare the bucket of tank water with the freshly mixed saltwater. If it looks yellow in comparison, it's time to change out your carbon.

We took the opportunity to do a PAR test on the two water samples while we had them handy and found that the dirty water lowered PAR from about 2100 to 1625, nearly a 500 par difference, and the water wasn't even that dirty! If you're going to spend the big bucks on a high performance light system make sure to use carbon to keep from squandering that extra par.

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