AquaIllumination paved the way for LED lighting over aquariums and their flagship light fixtures are among the most popular choices for aquarists worldwide. By combining the latest LED technology, an easy-to-use control interface, and affordable price points, AquaIllumination elevated LED lighting in a way that made it accessible to everyday aquarists.

AquaIllumination Prime 16 HD

The AI Prime 16 HD Freshwater is capable of producing full-spectrum light with peaks in the blue and red spectrums to promote photosynthesis among freshwater plants. The wide band across the entire visible spectrum results in impressive color rendering no matter what kind of fish or aquatic plants you're trying to highlight.  You also have the ability to fine-tune and adjust this wide spectrum to suit your needs using the myAI app. 

AquaIllumination Prime 16 HD Freshwater light spectrum

A single Prime 16 HD can illuminate up to a 24" square area and supplies usable PAR for lush plant growth over a 15" - 20" square area based on the needs of your plants. 


The recommended mounting height is 13" off the top of the surface of the water to achieve the most balanced light spread without losing light over the edges of your tank. The most popular mounting options are the12 & 18 inch Flex Arm Mounts that attach directly to the back wall of your aquarium. There is also a hanging kit and rigid tank mounting bracket available.

The App

Using the convenient myAI control app you can customize your lighting schedule, adjust the spectrum & intensity, and even take advantage of the dedicated moonlight channel from the convenience of your smartphone. While everything is 100% customizable, you won't have to worry about learning any complicated programming or software. The easy-to-use app is very intuitive and serves up an easy setup template that you can then customize to suit your needs. 


In The Box LED Specifications:  Specifications:

AI Prime Fixture

Power Supply

Screen Removal Tool

Quick Start Guide

6x Cool White

4x Warm White

1x Photo Red

1x Green

2x Blue

1x Moonlight

Available in Black or in a White-colored fixture

Dimensions - 4.88" x 4.88" x 1.34"

Power Consumption - 55W at max power

Power Cable Length - 20 Feet