If you find yourself dragging your feet on water change day or procrastinating with your weekly water tests, this exercise just might be the key to turning that aquarium frown upside down. Take a minute to ask yourself, What are the things you love most about your saltwater aquarium?  From the littlest details to the biggest display, what things do you appreciate most about your tank?

Sometimes stepping back to simply focus on the good is all you need to remember exactly what made you fall in love with aquariums to begin with. It's sure to make that mundane maintenance task worth it again. 

22 Reasons Why I Love My Saltwater Tank

  1. The sound of water is soothing.
  2. School is cool, especially when fish do it!
  3. The challenge of the hobby is inspiring.
  4. Nighttime is the right time, especially for viewing your tank from outside.
  5. The sweet spot is when you know your tank has found its happy place.
  6. The day after a water change just looks fresh!
  7. Micromussa and Frogspawn are downright cool.
  8. Macroalgae create a natural-looking environment with complex textures.
  9. Tradeshows are a great way to meet other hobbyists and see new gear!
  10. Aquarium art is an outlet for expressing your passion.
  11. Handfeeding is a unique way to connect with your aquatic pets.
  12. Seahorse dancing is beautiful and fascinating.
  13. Cleaning the back panel really makes the tank look new again.
  14. Use a mobile wheelchair ramp for moving heavy containers of water, it's a lifesaver.
  15. Trashcan dollies make your life easy.
  16. Viewing your tank at night is mesmerizing.
  17. The top-down view of the corals is a unique view not many people get to witness.
  18. New innovative gear and aquariums are exciting.
  19. Surprising beginners with successful advice.
  20. You have to appreciate a well-executed aquascape.
  21. Zombie (Nassarius) snails are funny.
  22. Conch eyeballs are goofy looking but also quite fascinating at the same time.