The Triton Method is a three prong approach to maintaining healthy biology in a reef tank including light, filtration and chemistry. Keeping a healthy, thriving refugium is the sole method of nutrient removal under this methodology.

Triton sump with healthy refugium full of chaetomorpha

To implement the true Triton system without a refugium is NOT possible but there are some caveats.

Triton Method Supplements

Triton Method - With Refugium

The Core7 Base Elements additives include a variety of nutritive elements that keep the refugium thriving and prevent depletion of elements that corals require as well.

As far as we know, Triton is the only comprehensive additive solution that directly addresses the refugiums demand. It is one of the best additive options out there for anyone running a refugium, likely an algae scrubber as well, regardless of whether they adhere to the Triton Method or not.

Triton Other Methods Supplements

Triton Other Methods - Without Refugium

For those who do not keep a refugium, the Triton Reef Supplements for Other Methods is the answer and is exactly as it sounds. The Other Methods is a seperate 4 part major, minor and trace element solution set that does not include necessary elements to support macroalgae in a refugium. Ideal for those using some other effective means of nutrient control.

ICP Test Result screenshot

The Triton Difference - What Makes Triton Better?

The Triton difference, which applies to either set of additives, is the ICP water test kits that proves the supplements are working. In essence, this is a whole new level of accountability and transparency from an additive manufacturer. Others have copied this approach since but no one exists with the same level of experience.

Triton trace element additives

Because every tank is different with different organisms, the exact uptake of elements is going to vary from tank to tank. In order to mimic natural seawater as close as possible, Triton then provides separate individual trace element additives to adjust trace elements to meet the slightly different uptake of the corals in YOUR tank. A completely custom approach to reef tank water chemistry with no snake oils or questionable test results.

Using this laser targeted approach to trace element supplementation is certainly one of the most advanced methods. Far more accurate than the shotgun approach of dosing a single mixed element solution. Likely best reserved for advanced reefers with a fortune invested in corals and find enjoyment in tweaking the reef system to perfection.

To learn more about this tailored approach to dosing individual elements and the Triton Method in general, check out our Spotlight on Triton Method video.


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