Top Aquarium Sump Mistakes You Don't Want To Make! But Do You Even Need One?

A reef tank sump is arguable one of the most critical components of your saltwater reef tank. Whether your sump is glass or acylic, DIY or pre-manufactured, there are some serious mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here at BRS, we have installed TONS of sumps and made just about every mistake along the way. So here is your list of the Top Sump Mistakes so you can avoid the facepalm moments and get it right the first time.

1. Missing the value of a 40 Breeder or 20 Long Aquarium. It doesn't have to be complicated

2. Filling the entire area under the tank leaves no room for ATO reservoirs, dosing containers or other equipment.

3. Getting a sump that is too big to remove from your stand.

4. Deciding whether or not you want filter socks. Are you prepared to change them out?

5. Deciding whether or not you want an automatic filter roller. Can I add one later?

6. Assuming silicone attaches to acrylic.

7. Not considering aquamesh as a baffle method.

8. Now being aware of the issues that come with building and working with glass

9. Not deciding on a refugium right now. Once you set the baffles, you cannot go back.

10. Not accounting for how many drains your tank will have.

11. Not planning for how many returns you want.

12. Putting heaters in your return pump area.

13. Not realizing the sump is NOT HIGH FLOW and not suitable for dosing two part, unless you add a powerhead.

14. Clear sumps are much easier to see through meaning you can monitor water level, sensors and other activity inside the sump.

15. Dark sumps are much harder to see through which can make it difficult to see/identify problems.

16. White sumps hide salt creep but not detritus.

17. Not thinking about glass or rimless sumps as being an option. They have some nice benefits.

18. Not looking for sump options with large chambers.

19. Not having an adjustable water level.

20. Not planning for backflow of water during a power outage. Your sump has to be big enough or else it will overflow!


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