Last week Matthew talked all about what pieces of equipment are essential when first setting up a tank. So what's next? This week Matthew goes into some of the different options of how to upgrade your tank after first getting it all setup!

0:01:32 #1 Filtration

Shop Protein Skimmers:

Shop Reactors:

Shop Filter Media:

Shop RO/DI Filters:

Shop Macroalgae and Pods:

Shop Algae Reactors:

0:07:09 #2 Basic Tank Items

Shop Temperature Control:

Shop Salt:

Shop Aquarium Substrate:

Shop Water Testing:

0:13:01 #3 Dosing & Pump Items

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Shop Auto Top Offs:

Shop Dosing Pumps:

Shop Powerheads:

Shop Calcium Reactors:

Shop Aeration:

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