The Icecap 2k & 4k Gyre Pumps: Creating a Gyre Flow in Your Reef Tank Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

These powerful little gyre style pumps produce some serious water flow in reef tanks up to 150 Gallons or more. Don't let the price point fool you either because they also include all of the high-end control features you have come to expect from modern powerheads. Wireless app control, 0-10V control via an external controller and an easy to use manual controller are all possible with both the 2K and 4K models.

In addition to the advanced control, the pumps allow for direct connection to an external battery so you can keep your aquarium safe during power outages. The flexible magnet mount is easy to configure vertically or horizontally and you can run with either a dual blade or single blade orientation.

Ice Cap Gyre

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