Frequent water testing of your aquarium is just one of those things, a necessary... inconvenience. Most would agree testing provides some major insight into the health of your aquarium but it must be done regularly with consistency and accuracy to put faith in the results and make decisions based on those results. 

Thomas's Test Kit Bundle is a curated kit that includes his favorite reef aquarium test kits that are chosen with strict criteria. 

  • Quick and simple to perform
  • Accurate and easy to read results
  • Reasonably priced
  • Practical for most reef hobbyists

It's easy to draw conclusions about why Thomas values these features in a test kit. A quick testing procedure with an easy-to-read and relatively accurate result means you are less likely to procrastinate when it comes time to test and can be confident you are gaining sound insight into your aquarium's well-being. Being an ongoing cost, the practicality of the price is important for ensuring you always have access to the test kits.  Neglecting just one parameter can throw the entire aquarium out of balance so it is equally important to stay on top of everything.

What's Included