Salifert Test Kits

How do you use the Salifert Calcium Test Kit?

The Salifert Calcium is a liquid titration-style test kit. Adding a little reagent at a time, you measure how much reagent it takes to achieve a color change in your sample. While it is certainly easier to register the color change compared to a "color-reference" style test kit, you still are relying on color to get your results. 

  1. Fill the test vial with 2mL of tank water using the 1mL syringe.
  2. Add one level scoop of the Ca-1 reagent to your sample.
  3. Using the included plastic tip, draw 1 mL of reagent Ca-2 into the 1mL syringe.
  4. Add 0.6 mL into the sample vial all at once, swirl gently to mix and the sample will turn PINK in color.
  5. Using the remaining reagent in the syringe, add one drop at a time to your vial, swirling after every drop.
  6. Continue to add one drop at a time until the sample changes from PINK to BLUE.
  7. Look at your syringe to calculate exactly how much reagent is left. 
  8. Use that number (how much reagent is leftover) to reference the chart included with your test kit to find your calcium reading.

What is the ideal calcium level in a reef tank?

Reef tank owners generally target 400-450 ppm of calcium in a reef tank at all times. Insufficient calcium levels can inhibit stony coral growth and too much calcium will lower alkalinity levels and affect your tank's pH level causing severe stress.  As with all reef tank parameters, stability is king. Pick a number within the range and maintain that number at all times. 

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How many water tests are included in the Salifert Calcium Test Kit?

The Salifert Calcium Test Kit will provide anywhere from 50 - 100 individual calcium tests. The variable is based on how much reagent you use with each test.

How much does it cost to perform a single calcium water test?

This will depend on exactly how many tests you achieve with the reagents included in a single test kit.

  • 50 tests: $0.38 per test
  • 75 tests: $0.25 per test
  • 100 tests $0.19 per test

Is the Salifert Calcium Test Kit accurate?

Salifert is one of the most widely trusted reef aquarium test kit brands, hobbyists have been using these tests for over 25 years with great success. The Calcium test specifically is easy to use and accurate enough for hobbyists to maintain stability and achieve success. With manual test kits like this, consistency is important. Be sure your performing the procedures the exact same way, each and every time you perform a water test, and follow the instructions closely.