Can you remove Aiptasia by hand?

You cannot just pull them out with your fingers or forceps because they will retract immediately, quicker than you can grab them. If you rip some tissue, that can float about and grow into new anemones. They can also release planulae (larvae) when stressed and then spread throughout your tank that way. This is exactly why they are tough pests to control, it's just not easy to kill them and they spread fast. 

The most trusted forms of aiptasia control are using a topical solution or "injection" to smother the aiptasia and kill it. Frank's F-Aiptasia is a topical solution that is manually applied and is, in fact, one of the best ones we have used to date. 

Natural predators like Berghi Nudibranchs or Peppermint Shrimp are also a credible solution but it does take some extra effort to ensure those animals can survive in your tank first. 

Ultimately, the best method of control is prevention. Do your best to avoid allowing these dreaded hitchhikers into your aquarium in the first place. Take action as soon as you see even the smallest aiptasia beginning to grow. Remove the frag or rock and treat it outside of your aquarium before it spreads and becomes a bigger issue. 

Does Frank's F-Aiptasia really work?

Yes, when used correctly the F-Aiptasia can kill the target anemone. It is a paste that hardens in your tank after being piled over top of the Aiptasia anemone. This hardening helps to stop the paste from dissolving or flowing away from the anemone after you apply it and sort of seals things off from being released. 

How do you use Frank's F-Aiptasia?

  1. Mix the solution well upon opening it
  2. Cap and shake it well after manually mixing (mixing it very well is important, it tends to separate when it sits)
  3. Fill the syringe and choose the appropriate tip
  4. Turn off your pumps and powerheads
  5. Move the tip of the syringe close to the aiptasia
  6. Cover the anemone in paste, starting at the oral disc and working your way outwards until the entire anemone is covered 100%. You can treat multiple anemones in a single treatment but only cover them one at a time. 
  7. It takes 30-60 minutes for the paste to harden.
  8. After the paste is hardened, go ahead and turn on your pumps and powerheads again.

Is Frank's F-Aiptasia better than Kalkwasser for pest anemone control?

Yes, the F-Aiptasia is more effective than a DIY Kalkwasser paste and any other aiptasia solution we have used. The reason being is the way this hardens in your tank which makes it much easier to use and reduces the chances of caustic paste being blown about your tank.  

Can you leave Frank's F-Aiptasia in the tank?

Yes, you can leave the hardened paste in your tank. Before long it will grow a bio-film and eventually be covered in coralline algae, blending right into your rocks. It is no longer caustic after it has hardened and won't hurt anything in your tank.

If you do want to remove it after treatment, you can just gently break it up with the tip of a siphon and remove the broken-up paste. 

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