Ryan’s 10 year Dream Reef Tank. It’s time to take the journey! - BRSTV at Reefapalooza NY

Ryan, the visionary behind BRStv and co-founder of BulkReefSupply.com, traveled to the very popular Reefapalooza New York reef aquarium show and shared his journey of keeping reef aquariums and the resulting knowledge gained from those experiences.

Ryan's Reefapalooza Speaker Flyer

Since 2004, Ryan has been a dedicated hobbyist that shares many of the same passions and desires as all of you and thoroughly enjoys the reefkeeping hobby. The information shared during this presentation is packed with helpful insights that helps new reefers avoid some of the hardest lessons and will surely help those of you looking to take your tank from good to great.

Ryan also announces his plans for building his dream aquarium and finally reaching what many would consider the pinnacle of keeping a reef tank at home, a 10 year old reef.


Did you know that corals and reef tanks are the most difficult to keep mainstream pet?

The desire to seek knowledge and constantly evolve and learn about the hobby is the difference between your average fish tank owner and a successful reefer. Ryan shows you how to access this knowledge, ask the right questions and find mentors you can trust to help you along your own path to keeping a reef tank beyond the first 2-3 years. 

Mature reef tanks take commitment, you are responsible for the animals you keep and knowing what to expect along the way will help with your success which is all that we here at BRS are working to do, help you be successful. 

RAP New York Main Entrance

Reefapalooza is the premiere annual gathering for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts that takes place in four destinations throughout the year. It is the world’s largest saltwater aquarium show that is a place for you to connect with other hobbyists and industry leaders and explore the latest aquarium technology and livestock.

Reef2Reef Booth at Reefapalooza with David Hammontree

Big thanks to the Reef2Reef community for sharing images seen in this presentation and most importantly, creating a safe and reliable place for hobbyists to gain knowledge and progress our beloved hobby.

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