The Neptune GRO Refugium LED is a great way to keep your macroalgae healthy and growing while removing excess nutrients from your display tank. We are going to break down the setup of this brand new light into four steps and, we will also provide you with the refugium light schedule you need to get started.

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What’s In The Box?

  • Light fixture
  • Gooseneck
  • Mounting hardware (either the flat surface mount or the pipe mount)

Attaching gooseneck to Neptune Systems GRO LED Light

1. Attach The Gooseneck To Your GRO

You will want to straighten the gooseneck and put it into the bracket on the top of the GRO fixture. Slide the washer on first and the hex nut over it and tighten it down. You can turn the gooseneck while holding the hex nut to make sure it is fully tightened. Once it is tight, you can grab the included rubber cap and place it over the nut.

2. Mounting

There are two different mounting options for the Neptune GRO. The flat bracket mount is designed for securing the gooseneck onto the edge of your sump or aquarium wall.  The round pipe mount is a clever pipe clamp that gives you the ability to mount the light onto a round PVC pipe.  

Flat bracket mount

Bracket Mount: Screw the flat bracket onto the gooseneck. Then, add the mounting screw to the bracket and turn it just a few times. Once the light is where you want it, you can fully screw it onto your sump.

Round pipe mount

Pipe Mount: Slide the pipe bracket onto your PVC pipe and tighten it down using a Phillips head screwdriver. Then, put the washer on the end of the gooseneck and screw it to the mount.

Neptune Systems GRO Refugium Light Positioning

3. Positioning

Simply bend the gooseneck to position the light where you want it. We recommend having the fixture around 6” from the max water height, but it can be mounted as low as 2” from the water.

Programming Neptune GRO using an Apex Controller

4. Power & Programming

If you don’t have an Apex, you will want to attach the DC power supply to a wall timer and plug it in. Then simply set your classic timer to power the light on and off based on your tank's nutrient export needs. 

Neptune GRO Apex Programming Step 1 Neptune Systems GRO Apex programming step 2 Neptune Systems GRO Apex Programming step 3

If you do have an Apex, open your Fusion program and select the tasks icon. Then, scroll down and select the GRO tab and plug your light into the energy bar or 1Link 24v outlet. Then, select the outlet you used, rename it to refugium light, and set your schedule. We recommend running your refugium lights opposite your display light schedule. You will then reduce or increase the exact length of ON-time based on your tank's nutrient export needs. More light = more nutrient reduction and vice versa. Testing nitrates weekly should give you an idea of how effective your refugium is; when Chaetomorpha or macroalgae is healthy and growing, the more light you give it, the more nutrients it should absorb.