Have you been mulling over a new Apex aquarium controller for your tank but don't really need all of the features of the full Neptune Apex with ORP/Salinity monitoring and 0-10v control? Or perhaps the cost of the full Apex has been keeping you from diving in? Today we show you how the ApexEL \\can solve both of those issues with one solution that only includes the critical monitoring capabilities like Temp and pH and does so at a FRACTION of the cost! #BRStvSpotlight #BRStv The Neptune ApexEL is currently in-stock, but may not be for long! We'd love to see you on our favorite reef forum, Reef2Reef.com! Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with Spotlights on your favorite reef gear and strive to go beyond the bullet points on the packaging and show you what this gear is all about!