MiniMax Media Reactor manufactured by Innovative Marine Media reactors help make the most of your filter media by increasing its contact time with your water.

Innovative Marine just released an updated version of their ridiculously popular media reactor, the MiniMax.

Dubbed the MiniMax Pro, the reactor is available in two sizes and is designed to fit into the back chambers of all-in-one aquariums where space is scarce—a place where fast, easy, and mess-free maintenance determines whether you love or hate a particular piece of equipment.

The original reactors were an instant hit when they were released five years ago. I actually use a MiniMax reactor myself (I put packets of Chemi-Pure Blue Nano in it), so I was anxious to pick the brain of Royce Suzuki, Innovative Marine's Director of Marketing, to find out what's changed for the new 2018 edition.

MiniMax Pro One upgrade is a molded all-rubber cap to give the inner chamber a tighter grip on the outer chamber for a more consistent flow rate.

Innovative Marine just released the MiniMax Pro. For hobbyists that may have used a MiniMax reactor in the past, can you explain what the differences are between the old models and the Pro version?

Believe it or not it's been over 5 years since the release of the first MiniMax. It was time for an update and with every update we do our best to address some of the feedback that we get from our customers over years.

One of the biggest changes is a redesigned all rubber cap. This is a molded all rubber cap that gives the inner chamber a tighter grip on the outer chamber keeping your flow rate consistent until you change out your media. Also a visual flow indicator as well as a min and max flow channel give the user an idea what flow rate they are trying to achieve without having to remove the body from the aquarium.

MiniMax Media Reactor manufactured by Innovative Marine There is now a minimum and maximum flow channel to dial in the flow so you're not just spinning it around and around and around.

How much did feedback from existing MiniMax users influence your decision to release an updated version? I own one myself and have always found it user-friendly.

Once the decision is made to make an update we take in all opinions. We read each and every review carefully. We also put our products in the hands of experts in our industry, every product goes through some sort of testing to see if anything can be improved. While you are satisfied with the current product some may have wished for more… we listen and try to deliver.

Let's take a step back. For readers that may be unfamiliar with reactors, can you explain what one is and what it's used for?

The MiniMax is an AIO (all-In-one) Media Reactor. A media reactor is an advanced method of creating additional filtration in your salt or freshwater tank by loading a chamber with different kinds of chemical or biological media. These devices can tremendously help adsorb and remove odor, phosphates and other pollutants as well as clear up discoloration in the water in your aquarium.

Which Innovative Marine aquariums is the MiniMax Pro Desktop designed to fit into? How about the MidSize?

DeskTop – All NUVO DeskTop Aquariums – Fusion 10, Fusion 14 Peninsula, Fusion 20, Fusion 20 Peninsula, Concept Panorama 20, Concept Peninsula 20, Fusion Lagoon 25

MidSize – All NUVO MidSize Aquariums – Fusion 30L, Fusion 40, Fusion Lagoon 50

Let's talk about media. Which types can a hobbyist use inside a MiniMax Pro? Which types of media or resins do you personally use?

You can use any kind if media in your MiniMax Pro Media Reactor from Carbon, GFO or BioPellets. I will have to admit, I am a habitual over feeder so I combat the high phosphates with course HC GFO (granular ferric oxide).

AUQA Gadgets Innovative Marine AUQA Gadgets by Innovative Marine make it easy to customize the back chambers of your AIO aquarium.

You have an extensive lineup of upgrades and accessories (called AQUA Gadgets) for your AIO aquariums. Using only your own brand products, how might you set up the back chambers of a NUVO Fusion 40, a NUVO Fusion 30L, and a NUVO Fusion 10 for a reef system?

10 gallon CustomCaddy with Purity Pack (filter chamber) NuvoSkim DC (Skimmer) and MightyJet AIO DC Return Pump

30L gallonCustomCaddy with Purity Pack (filter chamber) NuvoSkim DC (Skimmer) and 2 x MidSize MightyJet AIO DC Return Pumps, MiniMax Pro (Reactor) MidSize Micron Sock (Filter Chamber)

40 gallonCustomCaddy with Purity Pack (filter chamber) NuvoSkim DC (Skimmer) and MidSize MightyJet AIO DC Return Pump, MiniMax Pro (Reactor) MidSize Micron Sock (Filter Chamber)

NuvoSkim DC Skimmer You heard it hear first! Innovative Marine has a new protein skimmer coming out soon called the NuvoSkim DC.

I couldn't help notice you mentioned a skimmer called the NuvoSkim DC. Are we breaking the news that Innovative Marine has a new protein skimmer coming out? Spill the beans! When can we get our hands on one?

I slipped that in to see if your readers would have a keen eye! Remember how we talked about updating products? The NuvoSkim is an updated SkimMate skimmer which was overdue for some tinkering. If you have noticed most of our new products have been changed to use DC powered pumps. It is no coincidence that our newest skimmer would harness the latest tech. If you know about DC pumps, they are ultra-quiet and power efficient. We are in the final testing phase so we can't give away all our secrets just yet. Don't worry! MD will have some soon.

You just released a couple of new series of aquariums called INT and EXT. What's the difference? Which is your favorite? You have to pick one or this interview is over.

The INT Series has the Infinity Overflow System (coast to coast) with internal bean animal drain system and a single center return with dual flare nozzles.

The EXT Series has an external 16 inch center overflow with dual returns and bean animal drain system.

Now this is a difficult decision to make. While cosmetically looking the same, they are two completely different tanks. The INT has our Trapezoid Infinity Overflow which to me was really neat and if you read about Coast to Coast surface skimming there are lots of unnoticed advantages. Once I saw the INT 75 and the room for aquascaping it won my heart. I am setting one up in my office right now.

Maybe your readers will have suggestions for livestock?

Which aquarium shows can we see Innovative Marine at this year?

MACNA 2018 is around the corner, so you will see us there. But as for the rest of the year, nothing official is in the books. However, 2019 is when we plan to really spread our wings!