Accel Aquatics Flow accelerators offer a great way to improve water circulation in your aquarium without adding extra pumps or powerheads.

They can be used in closed-loop applications or can simply be attached to your return water line. The best part about flow accelerators is that they increase flow, up to 400%, without any additional electricity consumption or added heat.

By utilizing the water stream from your pump, the flow accelerator draws in additional water from the intake side of the flow accelerator.

That larger volume of water is then compressed through a narrow channel accelerating the speed of water.

The outlet of the flow accelerator then takes that strong stream of water and disperses it throughout your aquarium.

There are several different Accel Aquatics Flow Accelerators available all of which produce a slightly different flow pattern.

The Vortex, FA, is the standard model that increase the flow rate by up to 400%.

The Vortex Twist, VF, uses the increased power of the water stream to power a spinning nozzle; creating a rotating outlet.

The Wide Vortex, VA, adds deflectors to the standard FA model which will widen the dispersion of water flow making it great for smaller or shorter aquariums.

The Wide Vortex Twist, VAR, utilizes a wide rotating deflector that creates randomized water flow pattern over a large area.

The Jet Flow, DA, takes the increase water flow and focuses it to a powerful jet stream: making it perfect for larger aquariums.

The Nano Vortex, VFN, is a more compact version of the Vortex Twist for installation in small aquariums.

All Accel Aquatics Flow Accelerators include multiple adapter sizes, so they can be installed on just about any pump or bulkhead. The Nano Vortex includes ½” and ¾” threaded adapters, while the other models come standard with ½”, ¾” and 1” threaded adapters. 6” ball-socket extensions are also available to allow you to place the Flow Accelerator anywhere in your aquarium and be able to direct the flow accelerator in any direction.

If you are looking to increase the water flow in your aquarium or are looking for ways to reduce/eliminate dead spots in your aquarium, we recommend looking at the Accel Aquatics Flow Accelerators and picking out a style that works best for you!



Accel Aquatics Flow Accelerators: