On This Episode, Matthew gives you the rundown on all the products hes been receiving, showcases the ReefBreeders Photon 2, answers your questions, and shows off the new Hanna pH Colorimeter!

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Mail Time 0:00:12

Brightwell Aquatics Razor: https://bit.ly/3hw00Uw

XP Aqua Duetto ATO: https://bit.ly/2WOw6Dh

Marine Depot Controller Board: https://bit.ly/ControllerBoardBlack

YouTube Comments Q&A: 0:08:03

Product Spotlight 0:04:10 ReefBreeders


Product Spotlight - Hanna pH Checker 0:12:57

Learn More About Hanna pH Checker: https://bit.ly/HanapHChecker

Shop All Hanna Products: https://bit.ly/HannaInst

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