ATI has formulated a unique system of reef aquarium supplements, designed to simplify dosing and maintain the proper balance of essential elements. The system features three formulations:

• ATI Essentials #1 is a dry blend of carbonate sources.

• ATI Essentials #2 – Calcium and Trace Elements is a liquid concentrate containing over 17 essential trace elements like iodine, molybdenum and nickel.

• ATI Essentials #3 – Magnesium and Trace Elements is a liquid concentrate that contains magnesium and other key trace elements including lithium, vanadium and rubidium.

ATI provides special dosing instructions based on the type of marine life, stocking density and alkalinity consumption rate in your reef tank.

We like that this three-part system is designed to be individually blended into RO/DI water to prevent precipitation of the trace elements. The solutions can be dosed manually or with a dosing pump like the ATI DP6 dosing system. This system simplifies the dosing process and helps maintain consistency.

The ATI Essentials dosing program is designed to eliminate the need to make partial water changes to replenish trace elements. By maintaining a consistent dosing schedule, you should see improved overall health and growth of your corals.

If you’re using the ATI Lab analysis service the test results will show the concentration of all essential ions and trace elements. With this level of detail, you’ll be able to accurately dose any of the 16 individual ATI Elements based on your tank’s specific needs.

You’ll be in full control of trace element dosing, ensuring your reef has just the right level of every essential element your corals need to thrive!

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