Innovative Marine has some brand-new aquarium stands coming out that have some unique features we are really excited about.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak-peek at their new stands and even build one to see what IM has in store next for aquarium hobbyists.

They’re calling the new stands the Aluminum Profile Series—or APS for short—and that pretty sums up these stands to a tee. They are super lightweight and made of aluminum with an anodized coating to match your home or office décor.

The first run of APS stands is anodized with a natural wood-like coating. The wood print looks so real it is difficult to tell that it is actually made of metal without touching it. Innovative Marine teased us with a matte black version that will be available later this year.

Innovative Marine APS stands will be available in 8 sizes to fit all of their popular all-in-one aquariums.

The 3 smaller stands are open on all four sides and do not have side panels or cabinet doors. The stands built for aquariums 25 gallons and larger all come with black panels along with cool magnetically latching doors.

After checking out these stands in person, we were impressed!

The solid aluminum material means these stands will last a lifetime with no risk of warping or rust. The simple assembly and design means you will spend less time hassling with dozens of small dowels and bits of hardware and more time enjoying your tank. The sturdy frames are rated for 300 lbs at each intersection, so they are strong enough to support large tanks while remaining light weight and easy to move around.

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