The ApexEL is the lower-cost, entry-level version of its big brother, the Apex. The ApexEL shares almost all the features of the flagship Apex except it does not have built-in ORP, salinity monitoring, or 0-10V ports. It does have pH and temperature monitoring and, like all Apex Systems, it can be expanded with modules and probes later on!

The ApexEL includes a pH probe, temperature probe, calibration solutions, and the Energy Bar 832 which has power monitoring as well as 1Link and DC24 connections. It works with Apex Fusion and is compatible with the upcoming Trident monitoring system!


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ApexEL Features & Benefits:

- Lower cost version of its big-brother Apex

- Prevents catastrophes by monitoring temperature and pH in your aquarium, takes corrective actions for you, and alerts you via your smartphone when things go off track.

- Monitors your equipment – ensuring it is operating correctly at all times – and lets you know when it's not.

- iPhone, iPad, or Android app control. Also works on PC or Mac using any common web browser.

- Tracks your manual test results, maintenance, livestock purchases, and tank observations and helps you correlate issues in your aquarium to the things that are happening inside.

- Manages the full operation of equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.) on your tank with simple setup \"Tasks\" and an easy-to-use app.

- Takes the place of many costly and cumbersome discrete components such as light timers, heater controllers, pump controllers, etc.

- Expandable – Add more monitoring and control features as well as specialized Apex-ecosystem hardware as your needs require

- The ApexEL makes keeping your aquarium easier. It also monitors key parameters like temperature, pH, and the health of your connected equipment, all for under $500.


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