Our busy lifestyles have presented new and unique obstacles when it comes to keeping aquariums. Life’s everyday challenges have left little time for us to truly appreciate the beauty within our tanks. Despite these challenges, Marine Depot has sought out solutions to allow you more time for you to appreciate your system, regardless of where you may be. Today we are taking a look at the newest products on the market to allow you to strut your love of aquarium keeping. While these products may not be for everyone, they are the perfect way to make a statement while keeping your beloved hobby close to you.

Strut your Style with the Coral Clutch:

Marine Depot is giving our reefers the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement while showing off your favorite hobby. The Coral Clutch is redefining what it means to be a reef aquarium and uses the newest technology to conceal lighting, filtration, and heating discreetly in the purse's frame. If you are looking for the perfect conversation starter, the Coral Clutch is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sets eyes on it. The coral clutch is also the perfect coral frag transferring device for going to your local fish store or coral shows. Be the talk of the town while wearing your hobby over your shoulder with the Coral Clutch.

Spend a Day Exploring with the Puff Pack:

We all know how hard it can be to leave your favorite aquarium inhabitants behind when you leave home. However, thanks to the innovative product development team at Marine Depot, you can bring them with you with the introduction of the Puff Pack. This state of the art backpack will include everything you need to keep your favorite salt or freshwater aquarium fish (including climate control!) with you when you go about your daily chores. Just make sure you don’t leave your fish hanging when it comes to lunch and pack some food to keep them fed. Let your fish explore the world of possibilities with the Puff Pack.

Take your Reef On the Go with the Breefcase:

For those who prefer a briefcase look as opposed to a clutch, we are pleased to introduce the Breefcase. Like the Coral Clutch, the Breefcase will allow you to make a statement by carrying your reef aquarium with you wherever life takes you. Whether you want to make a lasting interview impression or, you just want to take a piece of your home on the road, the Breefcase is an incredible option. Use the Breefcase to transport coral frags, showcase your favorite livestock, or express your interest in the aquarium hobby. Take your reef on the go with the purchase of a Breefcase.

Go For a Stroll with the Betta Buggy:

Our final brand new product we are thrilled to highlight is the Betta Buggy. This revolutionary stroller allows you to swap whiny children for less maintenance requiring betta fish. No longer will you have to deal with public meltdowns as your Betta fish will enjoy the smooth ride regardless of where you are taking them. The premium model is also outfitted with four cup holders, a massage feature for the betta fish, and a built in fish feeder. If you are looking to take your favorite aquarium fish for a stroll look no further than the Betta Buggy.

Final Thoughts: 

We hope this article has shown you just how far the aquarium hobby has come. There are now so many products out there to bring your aquarium keeping skills to new heights. Whether you want to share your passion for reefkeeping in the office, or wheeling around your favorite Betta fish in the mall, keeping an aquarium is as exciting as ever.


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