Bonding frags has never been easier thanks to BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-gel. The gel is really thick and easy to work with much like the consistency of toothpaste.
You can apply it an any angle and it won’t run or drip.  BSI IC-Gel will fill uneven areas on frags, plugs and live rock, ensuring that a strong bond forms.  Just give the tube a gentle squeeze to get the adhesive flowing.  Apply the gel to the frag surface.  The thick gel will continue flow out of the tip for about 1 second after releasing the pressure so take this into account when applying the gel.

You can immediately place the frag under water for placement in your rock work or adhere to a plug.  BSI uses only top-quality ingredients in their adhesives and will not harm our aquarium inhabitants.  IC-Gel quickly forms a strong bond and holds corals securely in place, which is why BSI is the number-one gel for coral placement and fragging!