The AquaMaxx Tech O3 Ozonizer produces ozone gas that when reacted with your aquarium water can drastically improve water clarity, reduce odors and sterilize the tank water.

Ozone gas is delivered into your protein skimmer or an ozone reactor via .  The gas will then quickly break down the molecules in your aquarium water that cause odors, discoloration, and even infections. Ozone gas can degrade many plastics and rubber materials so be sure your protein skimmer is rated for use with ozone.


The AquaMaxx TechO3 Ozone Generators are available in two size depending on your tank size and desires for water clarification or sterilization.  More ozone is required per gallon of water to achieve sterilization compared to clarification. The Tech O3 Ozonizers utilize a UV lamp to produce ozone gas and do not require the use of an air dryer or separate air pump.

Ozone generators should be used in conjunction with an ORP controller for safe and proper operation.  The use of activated carbon is also important to adsorb any harmful byproducts from the aquarium water and prevent harmful ozone gas from escaping the protein skimmer or ozone reactor.

Keep in mind that ozone can be dangerous to the health of you, your family and aquarium inhabitants so be sure to implement ozone properly with a thorough understanding of the proper application methods.

If you are looking to achieve pristine and crystal clear water the AquaMaxx Ozone Generators are a great choice.