Red Sea Max aquariums are among the top searched tanks in our store. With many types of systems to choose from and quality above reproach, Red Sea has an aquarium for just about every aquarist.

Are you a hobbyist that prefers the ease of an all-in-one (AIO) system? Or perhaps you prefer a sump for added gadgets? Whatever your preference, Red Sea’s reef aquarium systems have been designed in order to provide you with the ultimate reef keeping experience! No matter the level of your experience, Red Sea's wide range of advanced reef systems will meet your expectations.

In the Red Sea Max Series, there are three systems to choose from. Max S-Series, Max E-Series and Max Nano. Let's take a brief look at each series.

MAX S-Series

The MAX-S-Series  is Red Sea’s flagship reef system and features the very latest in reef-keeping technology


  • WiFi controlled Hydra 26 HD LED.
  • Red Sea's REEF-SPEC filtration and circulation systems.
  • One plug control center


MAX E-Series

Fully featured REEF-SPEC open top reef aquariums


  • Contemporary rimless design
  • REEF-SPEC system
  • Hydra 26 HD LED lighting with Wi-Fi control
  • Modular sump system
  • One-plug control panel

Max Nano

Fully featured 20 gallon Plug & Play reef systems


  • Contemporary Rimless Design
  • REEF-SPEC system
  • AI Prime HD LED lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control
  • Automatic Top-Off unit
  • Easy access power center

To make your choosing your aquarium a bit easier, Red Sea has a cool tank comparison tool you can use to help you decide.

In addition to the popular Red Sea Max Series, we also carry the Reefer Series from Red Sea which take a slightly different approach. Rather than an all-in-one style build where most of the equipment choices have been made for you, the Reefer Series provides advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation they can use to build the tank of their dreams.

If you have a Red Sea aquarium, we would love see it! Send us an email with a photo of your tank and we'll add it to this post as tankspiration for other hobbyists!