Kessil has produced many of the most popular LED fixtures in the past several years. The A160, A360 and AP700 all offer unique features not found on other LED lights and have amassed quite a following.

As with other Kessil LED’s, the A160WE features a Dense Matrix LED that includes a cluster of custom LED diodes. Together with its unique reflector and lens, the A160WE offers exceptional color spectrum, great shimmer effect and excellent light blending and coverage.


At 40 Watts of power, the A160WE is great for mixed reef aquariums, fish-only aquariums and smaller aquariums. The A160WE Tuna Blue is designed for saltwater aquariums while the A160WE is perfect for freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums and refugiums.

Controlling the A160WE is very simple with the two dials located at the top of the fixture. One dial controls color, while the other controls intensity. With Kessil’s proprietary Kessil Logic program, the light spectrum is optimized at every color and intensity.

The control of the A160WE can also be automated with Kessil’s easy-to-use Spectral Controller or an aquarium controller like the Neptune Systems Apex or Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper.


-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!