LED lighting has made a huge splash in the Reef Aquarium Hobby because of the reduced electrical consumption and amazing control capabilities.  Kessil is one of the industry’s leading LED manufactures that offer a bevy of high-end LED lights that are manufactured specifically to promote coral growth and coloration. The Kessil Spectral Controller is a very powerful but easy to use controller that works with all of the Kessil A series LED lights: such as the A160W, A360 and the upcoming A80.v_yh33894_99

This controller easily plugs into the control ports right on top of the light and allows you to set a timing schedule and control both the color spectrum and intensity. No Wi-Fi or complicated internet connection is required.  It is capable of controlling two separate banks of Kessil LED lights and uses a super intuitive software for easy programming.  You can save up to 6 custom programs and also utilize the coral acclimation mode when you introduce new corals to allow them to slowly acclimate to your aquarium. In addition, it has a clever magnetic mount and an easy to read LCD display.

For those of you using or thinking about using Kessil A series LED lights, this spectral controller will allow you to easily set an automated program for your lights and allow you to get the most out of your Kessil LED lights.


-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!