Euroquatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of horticultural lighting giant Gavita Holland, and Transcend Lighting, the world leader in LED grow light technology, teamed up to announce the launch of E5 aquarium light lamps.

With numerous capabilities and features, these highly efficient new lamps can be used in place of traditional T5HO aquarium bulbs.

Euroquatics plans to introduce the E5 at the 2015 Reef-A-Palooza show next weekend (October 10 and 11) in Costa Mesa, CA. Euroquatics made waves in the industry last year when they unveiled their Angel LEDs at the 2014 show. The E5 lamp will be available first (in limited quantity) at later this year.

The E5 is designed to work in sync with your original T5HO fixtures. These unique products showcase features that create an eco-friendly, longer lasting aquarium lamp. This new spin on an old design makes T5s a product of the past. With its sleek design, the E5 is made to last over five times the life span of an average T5HO lamp while consuming about half of the power.

T5 lamps are also comprised of toxic materials that can be extremely harmful to the environment if broken. In addition to a decrease in power consumption, the E5s are made to the highest industry standard from highly recyclable materials. These custom-phosphor LED technology lamps are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and do not contain mercury or other toxic materials.

"We are really excited to launch the E5 Retro Series," said Scott Bogner, Director and co-founder of Euroquatics. "Its incredible features make this lamp one-of-a-kind. Without any changes to fixtures, consumers are now able to swap their old T5HO lamps for a more efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective product. In addition to these new features, the E5 does not fall short of meeting the quality expectations set by the T5s that bring an aquarium to life."

E5 lamps are available in four standard sizes: 2', 3', 4' and 5' and currently have five color options to choose from. These include:

  • Tropical (6.5k)
  • Daylight (10k)
  • Cool Daylight (15k)
  • Blue Pop (~450nm)
  • Marine Pink
Bogner says Euroquatics is trying to push the industry forward in both options and quality.

"The current LED replacement lamps for T5 tubes on the market do not have the power the E5 has, which is needed to get the PAR reading to truly compare to the T5HO lamps, Bogner explains. "E5 lamps work on an electronic ballast and are meant to help hobbyists save money and maintain performance. Similar products require rewiring or have less output, or are poorly mixed LEDs which only simulate full spectrum."

Bogner continues: "Quality LEDs equals better output over the life of the lamp. We are not using these to light an office building. Our aquariums require better than simple office lamps."

Bogner says the E5 lamps are not built using off-the-shelf parts. "We actually have a custom phosphor applied to the LED chips. It's not a mix of LEDs to look like the kelvin temperature you want. By using these phosphors we get a truer full spectrum, minus UV."

Although certainly subject to change, Euroquatics says the pricing of their new E5 lamps will be around three times higher than a quality T5HO florescent bulb but will have 8-10 times the life. And, when you factor in the 45% power savings and the replacement costs every 9-12 months for standard T5HO bulbs, over time, the savings are huge.

The current MSRP is as follows:

  • 2' - $49.99
  • 3' - $59.99
  • 4' - $69.99
  • 5' - $79.99
"When you factor in the life of the bulb, the three year warranty, the power-saving and the saved replacement costs over the 8 years, you save a lot of money!" Bogner points out. "E5 lamps are also dimmable if you have a dimmable T5 fixture. The PAR values are at or above T5HO lamps. But it has the same look as T5HO in terms of the shimmer you're looking for. It's made to be a power saver for existing fixtures."

Bogner also revealed Euroquatics has been working on additional sizes and colors and will release ongoing updates between now and the end of the year.

"At launch, it will be the 2', 3', 4' and 5' in the initial five colors. We hope to have our final ship date to post at Reef-A-Palooza."

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