This is the fourth installment of "Will it Fit?", a new Marine Depot video series!

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from hobbyists is "Will this skimmer/reactor/etc. fit in my aquarium?"

We felt this presented us with an opportunity to make a fun new video series to demonstrate whether some of our newest and most popular aquarium equipment will fit in a particular tank.

In this episode we take a look at the sleek JBJ 45 Gallon RL Rimless Cube Aquarium.



You may discover that some of the equipment featured in this installment and future episodes could fit if modded or changed in some form or another. Our intention with this video series is to highlight equipment we know will fit without having to make any significant changes to the item itself or your aquarium, which may potentially void a product warranty.

If you discover another piece of equipment that will fit in the back chambers of a JBJ 45 Gallon RL Rimless Cube Aquarium, please let us (and other hobbyists) know in the comments.

Here's a link to the products shown in this video.

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