It increases the output of your water pump by up to four fold!

Magic? Well… not quite.

flow accelerator tube

Flow accelerators, also known a penductors, are a great way to increase water flow in your aquarium. By utilizing the water pressure generated by your return pump (or a closed-loop pump), the flow accelerator draws additional water from the intake side and pushes up to four times the water volume through the diffuser side of the flow accelerator.

flow pattern diagram
The Hydra Aquatics Twist Flow Accelerator adds a rotating “Vortex Nozzle” that helps to randomize flow. Although the rotating mechanism does take away from some of the water pressure, the end result is more water from your pump and a nozzle that rotates to create help generate randomized water flow. The Vortex Nozzle mechanism is also easily removable, if your main goal is to maximize water flow.
vortex nozzle mechanism can be removed

Hydra Aquatics Twist Flow Accelerators are available in ½”, ¾” and 1” MPT, so they can be easily attached to bulkheads or standard PVC fittings. They also feature ball-socket fittings (not compatible with Loc-Linebrand fittings) to allow you to adjust the direction of the water flow.

One caveat is that the flow accelerator does rely on water pressure to work. A flow rate of 300-530GPH is recommended. If your water flow is higher than 530GPH, you will want to split the return into two.

coral beauty shot

It is rare that you get something for nothing. With flow accelerators, this rarity is actually the case. If you are looking for more water flow and more randomized current, Hydra Aquatics Twist Flow Accelerators are an excellent option!

Who needs magic when there is physics?