The Radion Generation 3 is here!

The first thing you'll notice is the sleek updated design, including illuminated tactile buttons...

... but where you will really see a difference is in the output:
  • The G3 base model now includes indigo/UV LEDs, providing more output, and a wider spectrum than its predecessor the G2.
  • The G3 Pro model further raises the bar for max PAR and spectral output by taking advantage of top bin Cree XP-G2 and Osram Oslon Square LEDs.

In addition, reef enthusiasts can further customize their G3 and G3 Pro output at any time by purchasing EcoTech's new 120 degree wide-angle TIR lenses. Best of all, both the G3 and the G3 Pro fully integrate with the EcoSmart Live platform, enabling complete control over your Radion lighting—any time, anywhere.


For 2014, EcoTech is updating its award-winning LED light fixture models. Both the base and Pro models are being revised to incorporate updates in LED technology as well as minor design changes to improve aesthetics, simplify service, and modify the on-fixture user interface.


The exterior has evolved; hard edges and contrasting materials have been replaced with a one-piece lens frame that tapers to the lenses and improves the base form factor.

The sheet top also morphs slightly to accommodate backlit tactile buttons that replace the cap sense controls on the previous models. The new buttons make operation of the fixture simpler and reduce the risk of RF interference from other equipment.


Now introducing the addition of UV and Indigo LEDs to the XR30wG3. Efficiency gained from new Cree and OSRAM LEDS allows for the addition of 6 more LEDs with only a 10W net increase in power consumption.

The XR30wG3 Pro gains output from new OslonBlues and Whites. This translates into more output while maintaining the same maximum wattage of its predecessor.


2014 brings some new offerings from the top LED manufacturers—resulting in changes to the LEDs used in the XR30wG3 and XR30wG3 Pro.

XR30wG3 LED Cluster (2 used per fixture)
XR30wG3 Pro LED Cluster (2 used per fixture)


As with new product versions of the past—with the generation 3 EcoTech has done its best to maintain backwards compatibility by offering retrofit and upgrade options.



Will XR30wG2 and XR30wPRO fixtures still be available?

The Gen2 and original PRO fixtures will no longer be manufactured. There will be existing inventory available to purchase for a while, though.

Will XR30wG2 and XR30wPRO fixtures still be supported?
Yes. All previous Radion models will be supported with respect to service, upgradeability, EcoSmartLive, etc. for as long as the capability exists to support them.

Will Gen2 and Gen3 (and Pro versions) of the Radion fixtures be usable together?
Yes. All Radion versions will work together. The new models can be tuned to match the color output of the previous models. EcoSmartLive will support all versions of the Radion.

Will Gen1 to Gen2 and Gen1 to PRO upgrade kits still be offered?
No. The only retrofit path that will exist for previous model fixtures is the installation of Gen 3 and Gen3 PRO clusters.

Will Gen3 and Gen 3 Pro fixtures work with ESL (EcoSmartLive)?
Yes. EcoSmartLive is not tied to any product or generation of product—ESL supports all products including the Gen 3 and Gen 3 PRO.

Will Gen3 and Gen 3 Pro fixtures work with the original desktop configuration utility?
No. EcoTech discontinued development on the original desktop utility in 2012. EcoSmartLive provides more features, is easier to use and incorporates many new updates to improve performance and program reliability. The Gen3 and Gen3 PRO units should be used with EcoSmartLive.

What if there is no internet available to setup Gen3 and Gen3 PRO Radions using EcoSmartLive?
You can still run the Gen3 and Gen3 PRO like a traditional light fixture (consult manual). For programming without an internet connection, please contact EcoTech Marine customer service at 1-800-785-0338 ext 2.

When will cluster kit upgrades be available for Gen1, Gen2, and Pro fixtures to be retrofit?
Feburary 3rd for purchase.

Can any version of a Radion be upgraded to either version of the Gen3 Radion?
Yes. But only the clusters. The exterior appearance cannot be changed with the exception of the lens frame. This may be offered separately from the G3 and G3 PRO Cluster retrofit kits at a later date after initial demand for Gen 3 Radion fixtures is fulfilled.