ELOS is an Italian aquarium product manufacturer that has brought us some really amazing products here in the US. For example, the Elos Mini and Midi aquariums raised the bar for style and functionality of contemporary Nano tanks. The Elos Osmocontroller Digital Top-off system has proven to be one of the most reliable top-off systems on the market today.

Now that ELOS has a full line of aquarium water test kits available, we are really excited to show you how and why this test kits are quickly becoming the test kit of choice for expert reef keepers.

ELOS test kits are the only lab-grade quality test kit available in the aquarium industry today. All of the reagents included in every test kit is certified by the National Institute of Standard and Technology. Furthermore, Every Elos test kit is closely monitored with lot numbers, batches and expiration dates. What this means as a hobbyist as that you will always be using pure, high quality chemicals that will provide accurate results up until the last test.

Some of the biggest complaints with test kits is they are hard to read, results vary, and performing the test is difficult. Well, Elos has remedied these common problems in a few different ways.

They are utilizing "RealColor" technology with easy to read color reference cards. You can see here with this phosphate test the colors are crisp and clear.

Calibrated, child-proof, dropper bottles mean each and every drop will be the same exact size leaving less room for error each time you test.

Finally, each test comes with illustrated and clearly written instructions which help make the procedures easy to understand for any level of hobbyist.