The Portal from Innovative Viewing Systems (IVS) was a hit with hobbyists at Reef-A-Palooza in 2010 and once again this year. The Portal, if you're unfamiliar, is an aquarium algae scrubber equipped with magnifying lenses that allow you to see coral and other livestock like never before.

That got us thinking about another coral viewer we've been carrying for quite a while: the Coral View from ESHOPPS. We decided to pull one from inventory to demonstrate how it works with our Innovative Marine office test tank. Check out the YouTube video we embedded to see how it works.

Surface agitation often makes it difficult to view some of our favorite reef aquarium inhabitants, like corals and clams. But having adequate water flow inside a reef aquarium is critical, so what is a hobbyist to do?

That's where ESHOPPS Coral View comes in. It's a simple black cylinder with a clear bottom that makes viewing livestock from the surface of your aquarium possible. The Coral View is a mere 3" tall and has a 6" diameter, so it will easily fit inside large tanks and the smallest of picos.

If you've been wanting to shoot photographs of your corals from the top-down, the ESHOPPS Coral View is for you! It will allow you to snap photos of your corals without the typical distortion created by pumps, powerheads and wavemakers.

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