Zeolite methods of filtration require you to maintain ultra-low nutrient levels and accurately control substances entering your aquarium system.

The result? Intense zooxanthellate coral coloration.

Zeolite is a mineral that adsorbs phosphate, ammonia and dissolved organic material from aquarium water. Of course, not all Zeolite is created equal.

Originally Zeolite was only used in freshwater aquaria. When Zeolite was applied to a reef aquariums, they would often crash. Why? Freshwater Zeolite adsorbs calcium before ammonia. Not a desirable trait. Fortunately, Brightwell and many other companies are now using a different form of the mineral that does not affect calcium levels.

Brightwell’s NeoZeo Method is easier to use than others kits. By combining a specific blend of key components in one bottle, Brightwell eliminates the guesswork out of an often complicated filtration method.

That is not to say that this type of filtration and supplementation is for the novice aquarium hobbyist. In fact, Zeolite filtration requires a very hands-on approach to reefkeeping. Daily effort is necessary to achieve optimal results when using Zeolites.

For more information about Zeolite filtration, contact us today. We put together some great starter kits that we featured in a recent e-newsletter. Check them out here.